Sands (Stillbirth & Newborn Death Support…  for support around New Zealand for those who have lost babies.

CLIMB (Center for Loss in Multiple Birth)… by and for parents throughout the United States, Canada & beyond who have experienced the death of one or more, both or all their children during a twin, triplet or higher multiple pregnancy, at birth or in infancy or childhood… and caring others. CLIMB (Center for Loss in Multiple Birth)… Australian branch. For those in Australia who would like to receive CLIMB’s Our Newsletter four times a year and support in Australia, please contact Jenny Stanley at

National Twin Loss Support, Australia is based in Murray Bridge, South Australia about 85km from Adelaide. Lynne Schulz established a group in October 1992 to bridge the gap between rural and city facilities in the area of infant loss. Initially, set up to cater for the needs of families in the Murraylands region of South Australia who suffered any form of pregnancy loss, it eventually developed into one of the few organisations around the world that could specialise in twin loss and other higher order multiple loss issues.  Besides being a bereaved parent, Lynne Schulz is a trained bereavement counsellor. In November 2008, the group became National Twin Loss Support and offers support to those who have lost a twin over all of Australia and beyond. Lynne Schulz is also the author of the two books The Diary and The Survivor.

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