Hearts & Wings… our magazine

We no longer regularly print Hearts & Wings… so much of our support is based around our Facebook group now. We hope to soon begin publishing some of the magazine excepts online in the group and add new stories.  Join us here if you have lost a twin or twins… you will be most welcomed.

Current issue:

Summer 2012 (April 2011 – March 2012)

  • The everlasting sadness of a lone twin
  • Joshua & Harrison’s story… a life loved, a life lost, a life lives on
  • William & Tyler’s story
Back issues available:

Spring & Summer 2011 (September 2010 -March 2011)

  • An interview with Melanie, mother of Jack & Robby
  • Ella’s story -the loss of a dear twin to NEC
  • What to expect from grief after losing a child
  • My faith: suffering my way to a new tomorrow

Autumn & Winter 2010 (March -August 2010)

  • An interview with Jean Kollantai of CLIMB… the story of the loss of her twin son just before his birth at term.
  • Jill’s story of the loss of one of her triplets to SIDS
  • Jules from OZMOST in Australia shares the story of her loss ofMegan, twin to Thomas at 15 weeks gestation.
  • Paula, twin to Nicola shares the loss of her precious sister 17 days after their birth 55 years ago.

Summer 2009 (September 2009 -February 2010)

  •  Sophia & Beatrice… the loss of both twin babies due to TTTS
  • How can there be peace?
  • Let’s talk about that… support meetings
  • How does a twin honour the sister who died?

Winter 2009 (June -August 2009)

  • My twins… the loss of two precious twin babies 50 years ago.
  • Mourning the loss of a twin sibling… separated by death.
  • What’s it like to lose a twin.
  • Is the loss of a twin ever forgotten?
  • Let’ talk about that… anniversaries & special days.
  • Mothers of the disappeared
  • Bittersweet Birth
  • Laser Surgery for TTTS in NZ.

Autumn 2009 (March -May 2009)

  •  Jaycob & Gabriel
  • David’s angel
  • Let’s talk about that…
  • The Little Bear who lost his Boy
  • We were supposed to die together

Summer 2008 (December 2008 -February 2009)

  •  Do you believe in life before birth?
  • Fred & George… & me
  • Let’s talk about that…
  • Christmas thoughts

Spring 2008 (September -November 2008)

  •  What Was God Doing? The story of Cindy Scott.
  • Life Without Kate… the story of Ben & Kate written for their 25th birthday.
  • Breathe…
  • Only One of Me Now
  • Dear Twinless Twins

Winter 2008 (June -August 2008)

  •  Bella & Rose… the loss of a precious twin to TRAP.
  • Gary & Grant… a lost soul looking.
  • Ron & Terry… something missing.
  • A Nation Challenged: a lost double and a missing half.
  • Darren Jr. & Raymond… twins born too soon.
  • The Untimeliness of Death.
  • Making Good Choices.

Autumn 2008 (March -May 2008)

  •  The Oneness of Two…Nichola & I
  • Thirteen days… in memory of Pippa, twin of Holly
  • Regan & Jo… a precious baby twin who died around 13 weeks
  • Interview… with Kirsten
  • Interview… with Jeanette
  • Suicide -a different kind of grief
  • The Winter of Grief

Summer 2007 (December 2007 -February 2008)

  •  Our Invisible Twins… the story of Devon & Brianna. Devon died due to the effects of chronic TTTS.
  • When Two Becomes One… the story of Daniel & Caleb. Daniel died early in the pregnancy.
  • Some Concrete Ways to Flow with the Shifts and Changes in the Grieving Process.
  • A Winter’s Walk… a reflection on a walk during the winter of grief.
  • How do you celebrate when the holidays are stained with grief?
  • Christmas: Another Vulnerable Time.
  • Together at birth, apart at death… twins turn to support group to cope with the loss of closest sibling.
  • Grandma’s Gift.

Spring 2007 (September -November 2007)

  •  In memory of Stephen… from your twin Christine.
  • Shaneeka & Akasha
  • What’s Happened to Baby? A book review.
  • Christopher & Thomas… a little boy who died of SIDS aged 16 months.
  • Communities… when two halves don’t make a whole.
  • When Birth Brings Death… the story of Hamish & Kenneth

Winter 2007 (June -August 2007)

  •  Some things that took time… from the story of Emily & Katie.
  • Roses… the story of Katherine & George, twins who died after being born too early.
  • One dies, the other survives… an interview with a grandmother.
  • Top Ten Lessons… a decade down the road.
  • FAQs: Multiple Encounters.
  • A Singular Pain: When Death Cuts the Bond of Twins.

Autumn 2007 (March -May 2007)

  •  Aubrey & Bryson… two little boys stillborn at 19 weeks from the effects of TTTS.
  • Living Life Without Your Twin by Raymond Brandt.
  • A Sense of Loss that has No Name.
  • Kate… life after the loss of Kate & Ben.
  • Interview… with Janet, twin to David.
  • Resolutions for Bereaved Parents.

Summer 2006 (November 2006 -February 2007)

  •  Griffin & Tomas… the story of two boys. Tomos died on his first day due to the effects of trisomy 18.
  • The story of Adam Wilson… a little boy born and died 38 years ago when things were dealt with a little differently.

Spring 2006 (September -November 2006)

  •  Theresa… my ‘other half’… the loss of a twin sister to cancer at 37 years of age
  • Poppy & Aroha… the loss of twins born early at 18 weeks.
  • My Hero… the story of the loss of one twin Collin & then the birth of his brother Ian 10 weeks later.
  • My Other Half… the loss of Paula to suicide, twin to Diana.

Winter 2006 (June -August 2006)

  •  Devan’s story… triplet boys born at 26 weeks.
  • My Brother Timmy… a story by an older brother.
  • If I Could Just See Hope… a story of hope and promise in the midst of disaster.
  • Left Behind… twins share everything, even pain. So how does one twin face the world when the other has died?
  • Always My Twin… review of a new book for young surviving twins.
  • Anniversary Ideas
  • Poems in memory of Conrad, twin to Joshua.

Autumn 2006 (March -May 2006)

  •  My Twin Angels… the loss of two precious twin boys after a heartbreaking choice.
  • A Silent Sorrow… an article about the grief of losing twins.
  • Two Stories, Two Different Results…
  • Interview… with a mum who lost a twin to NEC
  • Family Update… the loss of a triplet as a toddler after a long journey and overcoming huge odds.

Summer 2005 (December 2005 -February 2006)

  •  In Loving Memory… & thanksgiving
  • The privilege of being grandparents of twins.
  • Riley & Alex… precious twins lost due to TTTS
  • Amie-Lee & Emily… beautiful girls lost due to TTTS
  • Evan & Shawn… a twin lost to SIDS
  • Coping with the Holidays

Spring 2005 (September – November 2005)

  •  Dear Twinless Twins… an article about the loss of both twins.
  • Survivor Traits and Grief: Guidelines for Parents by Dr Elizabeth Pector.
  • I told my twin about her twin angel… Akasha & Shaneeka.
  • My twins… one on earth and one in heaven. The story of Emily & Katie.
  • Book Review of The Survivor by Lynne Schulz.
  • Tears Flowed… an article about a Twinless Twins meeting in the USA.
  • I can only wonder… a poem about Conrad & Joshua

Winter 2005 (June -August 2005)

  •  Makalya & Liliana… the loss of both precious twins after a premature labour.
  • The Grieving Couple
  • From China to the USA and back… the story of Christina’s journey from China to the National Bereavement Conference in Las Vegas and something about how loss is dealt with in China.
  • Down the Road… what I wish I’d known and what I am glad I didn’t know by Beth Pector.
  • Interview… with a Dad.
  • Losing Your Twin… understanding bereavement and loss, an interview with Joan Woodward.
  • How many children do you have?… thoughts on answering the question which becomes so difficult for many bereaved parents.

Autumn 2005 (March -May 2005)

  •  Our Kylee… the loss of a twin during childhood due to an accident at home.
  • A Bereaved Parent’s Wish List
  • Mia & Grace… twins lost suddenly at the end of the pregnancy.
  • Some Thoughts on Loss… from Bernhard Richert.
  • Half Dead… a newpaper article on the meeting of lone twins in Scotland.

Summer 2004 (December 2004 – February 2005)

  •  Grace, our little angel and the wind beneath our wings… the story of Grace & Lucy, twins born near term with Grace dying shortly after due to complications during delivery.
  • Birth, Death, Trauma, Incompetence, Strength, Hope, Love, Family… the story of Ashleigh & Brooke. Brooke died after birth due to TTTS.
  • For the Love of My Twin Sister… the story of Donna & Pam. Pam passed away due to cancer at 57 years of age.
  • Holly & William… precious twins born and died too soon.
  • A Note about Men and Grief.
  • Tips on Coping with Christmas

Spring 2004 (September – November 2004)

  •  Willow’s story… the loss of a precious little girl before birth.
  • Christian’s story… the loss of an identical twin son before birth.
  • My Nathan… the loss of an 8 year old boy during a drowning accident.
  • Claire, Isabelle & Colette…three little girls lost over the space of weeks.

Winter 2004 (June -August 2004)

  •  Aaron’s story… the story of a precious twin boy who died as a result of a heart defect.
  • Brynn & Tyler… two babies lost due to the condition Vasa Previa.
  • The One Left Behind… a siblings death has a more horrifying dimension when the brother or sister is an identical twin.
  • The Journal… the story of a subsequent pregnancyfollowing the loss of twins.
  • Book Corner… the review of the books The Lone Twin and The Survivor

Autumn 2004 (March -May 2004)

  •  Georgia & Grace, the loss of precious twins due to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome
  • The Silent Void… the loss of a twin discovered in later life.
  • Remembering a Special Birthday… celebrating on the first birthday of Libby, Jack & Philip
  • Down the Road… 5 years later following the loss of Kelsey, precious triplet sister of Alec & Lucas due to NEC
  • Dear Dr. Brandt… the story of Eve who lost her dear twin brother Jim in a drowning accident as a teenager

Summer 2003 (December 2003 -February 2004)

  •  A Letter To Ben… a letter to Ben, twin of Kate who was born prematurely and died after a brave battle on his first day of life.
  • Loneliness… the story of June Chin, founder of AUSTRALIAN TWINLESS.
  • When Birth Brings Death… the story of Hamish & Kenneth who were born prematurely at 23 weeks and died soon after.
  • Parenting Twinless Twins… an article by Dr. Elizabeth Pector.
  • Life After Baby Loss… a review of a new book.
  • Thoughts for Christmas.

Spring 2003 (September -November 2003)

  •  Life, nearly four years on… the story of Claudia & Lucas, precious twin babies lost after a premature birth.
  • At Peace… the story of Katie & her angel twin. The loss of a little baby in early pregnancy.
  • Thomas & Megan… the story of the loss of a twin at 15 weeks into the pregnancy.
  • The Plight of the Single Twin… a newspaper story written some years ago now about Timothy Knatchbull who lost his twin brother Nicholas ten years earlier in an IRA bombing.
  • The Everlasting Sadness of a Lone Twin… another newspaper account based around a gathering of lone twins in England following Joan Woodward’s study of the lone twin.

Winter 2003 (June -August 2003)

  •  Matthew & Caitlin… the loss of two longed for IVF babies, following their premature arrival after the rupture of one of the membranes.
  • Jeffrey & Joseph… the loss of two precious IVF babies following their premature arrival. Their father himself a lone twin.
  • Silent Crying… a father’s thoughts. A father writes about his feelings during the birth of his sons Cody & Robert. Robert had died earlier in the pregnancy due to the effects of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.
  • In Memory of Richard & Peter… and Kirsty… the story of the loss of twins over two generations.

Autumn 2003 (March -May 2003)

  •  Michael & Stephen… much longed for children lost after apremature birth.
  • Allan & Charlie… a mum’s story of the loss of her twin son Allan aged 40 years following illness.
  • A Year Later… Kate & Ben were born at 28 weeks, 18 years ago. Ben died after struggling bravely for 13 hours, Kate survived but has multiple disabilities. Their mum writes an update to a story she wrote a year ago.
  • Lost…but now found… the story of a loss 62 years ago in the days when the loss of a baby was dealt with quite differently.

Summer 2002 (December 2002 -February 2003)

  •  Megan & Rhys… twins born near term after Megan had diedearlier in the pregnancy.
  • Jordan & Jeremy’s story… parents faced with the devastating decision of selective reduction from four embryos to two. An extremely sensitive issue dealt with in a loving and gentle manner.
  • …for the love of Amy… twins born at 36 weeks, one precious baby dying after ten days from the effects ofCharge Syndrome.
  • The Lonely, Other Half… an article by David Ward discussing the effects on a twin when one twin dies.
  • Our Quadruplets… the story of the loss of one of these precious babies.
  • When remembering becomes… more sweet than bitter.An article giving some memory making ideas that may be especially helpful as Christmas draws closer.

Spring 2002 (September -November 2002)

  •  The story of twins Kayla & Jordan, born prematurely at 25 weeks. Sadly, Jordan died at 14 months of age from the effects of such an early start.
  • Antony & Mitchell and Amie-Lee & Emily…two stories about the loss of twins due to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, a cruel disease that takes so many of our precious identical twins.
  • A story called A Different Kind of Grief written by Kirsti about the loss of her twin Tore. Tore sadly took his own life the day before their 40th birthday.
  • An article called Unraveling the Mystery of Stillbirths. In a time when surgeons can operate on foetuses, when parents can select the sex of their offspring, medicine has no answer for stillbirths. They are one of the last, great mysteries of obstetrics.
  • The story of Scott, Willi & Katie, precious triplets born too soon and dearly missed.

Winter 2002 (June – August 2002)

  •  The letters written by Susan and Todd for their twin daughterDevon, twin of Brianna who died shortly after her birth due to the effects of TTTS and the complications of prematurity. They speak beautifully of the love of a parent for a child.
  • The story of Michael & Kevin , and Charlotte & Joyce…two sets of twins lost. Our thoughts go to this special family as you journey through the pain of a loss such as this.
  • An article found in the NZ Herald taken from their files 100 years ago about the separation of co-joined twins. We were impressed by how things have changed… not so much in regard to the success or failure of surgery but in our attitudes to these special babies. We think of those among us who have had to face choices such as this.
  • We have included an article on the grief of couples… how as couples we grieve the loss of our children differently. We hope the information we have included will be a start in the process of understanding grief.
  • The story of Mary, David & Elizabeth… triplets lost due topremature birth.

Autumn 2002 (March -May 2002)

  •  For the love of Kate & Ben… the story of the loss of one twin and the story of a loving family and a courgeous girl. Those of you raising a surviving twin with disabilities will find encouragement in Jenny’s words.
  • The story of triplets Kelsey, Alec & Lucas, much longed for children who were born healthy and well at 34 weeks but sadly Kelsey was struck with NEC (Necrotising Enterocolitis… a rapidly progressing bowel disease with little known cause and most often a fatal outcome).
  • The story of Michael & Matthew, monoamniotic twins who died together when their cords tangled before birth.
  • An article we found called ‘Once There Were Two’ …a story of a lone twin’s encounter with the lone twin network in Great Britain , founded by Joan Woodward.

Summer 2001 (December 2001 – February 2002)

  •  An article by Bev Gatenby ‘Our Words, Our Stories’… When a child dies, we live out and then develop some of the mostsignificant and defining stories of our lives. We need to have a story, and know that that story is ours, and nobody else’s…Just being able to describe, to put into words what actually happened is a huge step in our grieving…
  • Brittany, Courtney & Anthony… the story of the loss of one triplet after a premature birth.
  • Roger & Malcolm’s story… the story of the life of Roger & Malcolm, twins separated by death as adults. A truly moving account which highlights the closeness and the unique bond of twins. Roger, tragically ended his own life following a series of traumatic events.
  • Some ideas to help us survive the Christmas and holiday season…

Spring 2001 (September 2001 – November 2001)

  • A story about the loss of a twin son as a result of the rare condition TRAP (Twin Reversal Arterial Perfusion) Syndrome. After the twin died, his twin sibling continued to pump blood to his brother through a blood vessel directly attach to the baby creating a “life support system”.
  • An article by Dr Elizabeth A. Pector called ‘A Roadmap for Grieving Loss of Multiple Birth Children’. The death of multiple birth children is a tragic event. This discussion is an attempt to give bereaved parents of multiples an overview of the journey toward healing. This and more articles can be found on Dr Pector’s web site.
  • A mailbox column with short stories from our readers about their experiences with multiple birth losses.
  • Regular features such as our anniversary page, brothers and sisters column and more.

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