We are a New Zealand-wide group for those who have lost one or more or all of their twins, triplets or more in a multiple birth from early pregnancy to childhood and beyond including the loss of a twin sibling in adulthood.

We provide contact with others who have who have had similar experiences through our meetings, phone support, our Facebook group & through our magazine Hearts & Wings. Knowing others are out there who have experienced this kind of loss breaks the feelings of isolation that are so commonly felt.

Support can be offered at anytime:

  • before the birth of twins when it is known that one of the babies has died or not expected to survive. We have some articles on both these situations which may be helpful to those who are going through this or those who are caring for someone going through this loss.
  • when all the multiple birth babies have died or part of the set at anytime during pregnancy right through to the loss of young children or teenagers or adult twins.
  • The loss of a twin sibling as a child or adult is a unique situation. Only another lonetwin knows how it feels to lose a truly lifelong companion. If you are an adult who has just lost your twin sibling, then we can help and support you as you learn to live again without your twin. you are not alone, there are other lone twins who would be happy to be in touch with you if you would like.

Making contact with us will not be intrusive into your grief. The support you receive may be as simple as receiving our newsletter or joining our Facebook group. You may like further contact at some time with others at a time that is right for you. You may want to meet together at one of our regular meetings. You may make contact soon after your loss… or you may make contact weeks, months, or years later.

Often we find ourselves surrounded by support in the early days, from friends & family but it is not long before this support can drift away and we are left with the feeling that we should have “got over it by now”. This of course is not the case as a loss such as this impacts us all in all kinds of ways long into the future and knowing that our feelings are probably “normal” can give sense of peace and comfort.


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