Monthly Archives: May 2014

How things have changed… yet they have remained the same.

This week I had to make a decision. It felt a bit difficult. Our post box came up for renewal and I realized that it was time to say we should close the mailbox. The last letter we got through there was probably last year’s bill. It was a tough decision because 18 years ago, I went down to our local post shop and opened our box and they handed me the keys and it felt like we had really started something official. We had a post box! Over the years, we have had all kinds of mail. Way back in the early days people wrote their stories on paper, by hand put it in an envelope and it arrived with us and we typed it into the new computer we had gratefully received with some funding and each quarter we packaged up several hundred copies and I posted them off. Lots of paper and lots of postage and printing costs which we covered through generous donations and the occasional grant. There always seemed to be just enough to do what we needed and we were so grateful. We learnt how to build websites way back when people hardly knew what one was. It felt good though to be able to be a place where “for people to mourn & meet others who have been burned by that black sun”. So much of our support was through our magazine. There was no other real way for people to hear and be heard and copies of Hearts & Wings were treasured and read over and over and it felt like someone understood even if we could never truly meet these people in person. We did run some coffee mornings for few years but even here in Auckland it was difficult to have enough people in one place who needed the support at the same time. We had some crazy mornings, those who might remember! People driving with little ones from Ararimu in the south of Auckland  all the way to Orewa during rush hour traffic because it was that special to get together for a morning coffee with other “angel friends”. A few years ago, our Facebook group kicked off and this has become the meeting place. There is no more waiting for months to hear from someone by post or having to write your story down in full for a special magazine. Any day you feel something you can share that with others, you can tell pieces of your story slowly, bit by bit. You can just read the others posts, waiting for the time to be right for you to share something. There’s still several hundred people out there, meeting others, finding hope and comfort, having a place to remember their twins when it seems there’s nowhere else. Everyday I still read your posts and I love how supportive you all are of each other. That really hasn’t changed has it? Having a post box doesn’t make us, does it? I am now thinking that having a bank account isn’t important either. It all costs nothing these days. No more paper and postage or web hosting costs or anything really and I am not sure we really need that official charitable status anymore. Nothing has changed, but everything has…