What’s Happened to Baby? By SIDS (Wgtn), Sands (Wgtn), and skylight

This is an inviting, sensitively written and colourfully illustrated picture book for children 3–7 years old, who have had a baby die in their family/whanāu. The text has been carefully designed to fit a wide range of bereavement situations, including miscarriage, stillbirth, cot death and accidental or natural death of an infant or toddler. It has been designed with the whole family/whanāu in mind and provides a helpful opportunity for parents and caregivers to talk with a young child about this difficult loss. It also features useful notes and information for adults at the back to assist them in supporting their bereaved child. Ali Teo’s illustrations and the text combine very effectively to reflect the multicultural nature of the New Zealand community today.

You will find this book at http://www.skylight.org.nz/Shop/What+Happened+to+Baby%3F


Sands Coromandel are trying to raise funds to get a copy of the book “What Happened to Baby?” into every primary school in New Zealand, as a resource for families who have been affected by the loss of a baby. They need your help. Whether it is by monetary donation, the purchase of a book, or materials to make items to sell. Take a look at their facebook page for more information. They sell the most cute handmade ponies and elephants and even have some “twins” for sale!


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