The Survivor by Lynne Schulz

In her second book on twin loss, Lynne Schulz skillfully weaves together poignant anecdotes and professional advice to guide parents in raising surviving multiples. Schulz fills a critical unmet need as no existing books address in detail the challenge of nurturing survivors’ emotional health while keeping the memories of equally desired siblings alive. She includes comments from bereaved parents and adult surviving multiples throughout the book. After reviewing parental grief, the author presents a thought provoking survey of behaviours observed in young survivors.

Strengths of this volume include creative advice for remembering the enduring relationship with deceased co-multiples, advocacy for survivors’ special needs, and the oft-overlooked surviving triplets and higher order multiples.

Recurring moments of sadness, inevitable when survivors reach milestones, are viewed from the positive perspective of celebrating the survivor while understandably remembering those who are missing. A discussion of non-Western ideas of twinship illustrates the universal recognition of the uniqueness of multiples and the special attention sometimes paid to their death. resources and recommendations for parents of surviving multiples and professionals round out a well-researched book that is essential reading for parents of surviving multiples and professionals or educators who work with them.

Beth Pector.

Lynne Schulz is founder/co-ordinator of Murraylands Twin Loss, based in Murray Bridge, South Australia. Lynne is a volunteer bereavement counselor and educator, a karate instructor, as well as the author of the book, The Diary. The survivor continues the story of twin loss and higher order multiple loss issues, examining in detail the effects upon both survivors and their families as the survivors progress through childhood and adolescence.

An essential addition to The Diary and a ‘must have’ for anyone even slightly curious about the behavioural patterns of these unique and very special people!